Product Code: AB-KKYD2

• Software based on SQL server, program structure with two different components for the safety of operation and records.
• Card types, area, building, floor, master, housekeeper, passage, emergency information retrieval, time, room identification etc.
• Different levels of password entrance, authorization and filtering for different users.
• Identifying multiple cards for one room, one card for multiple rooms and card monitoring in exits.
• Identifying one card for different rooms in different floors for cleaning.
• Optional dirty room warning for the checked out room before the new reservation.
• Automatic door identification up to 32 doors
• Record display up to 800 openings
• Recording and backing up all operations in the program
• Program structure that is suitable for touch screen.
• Group reservation feature
• Alarm setting function feature in locks
• Different options for Lost card cancellation, copying card and new card
• Detailed statistics and reporting, advanced displaying or reporting the operating values of time or before as graphics.
• Lots of user friendly software features and functions that are developed to meet all needs, big or small, of the hotel.
• Ability to work integrated with hotel Fidelio Protel.

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