PP + KRAFT BAG-27299

Product Code: 63053390

The standard weights are prepared by applying PP coatings on brown and white colors in advanced technology lamination lines to PP fabric surfaces prepared by tapping. It has a paper bag appearance due to its external appearance and it is made of PP fabric in terms of durability and durability due to its internal structure.The next generation PP KRAFT, which is expected to draw attention from many industries, is produced in our facility to meet the demands of our valued customers.

There are brown and white kraft alternatives. Our BOPP laminates are water, moisture and dust proof with special raw material composition, lamination technology and weaving feature.Production is made at the desired size (30 cm - 150 cm) and the selected weaving density.The base is made with one fold and chain sewing options, and the mouth cutting is made with flat cold cutting.Our product has food compatibility certificate.

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