Product Code: 63053390

It is a kind of synthetic bag which is obtained by applying hot lamination to the surfaces of PP fabrics that have been finished with weaving in desired color and weight by passing through modern technology lamination line in open or hose form.The printing process is applied to the fabrics that have been laminated.

then cut into desired sizes in the garment section and made into sacks. The most important advantage is; Due to the applied lamination process, it prevents the water and air permeability against the fabric, so it increases the durability and the printing quality in the same direction.

The load capacity to carry is the most economical and most economical packaging product for many industrial products in terms of cost and durability. Polypropylene laminates have water, moisture and dust-proof properties with special raw material composition, lamination technology and weaving properties.Our product which has PP raw material can be produced in desired color.In addition, the UV additive is optional.It has a conveying capacity of approx. 5 kg to 70 kg.Production takes place at the desired height (30 cm - 150 cm) and at the selected weaving density.The base stitch is single-folded and the chain stitches are selected, and the mouth cutting is straight cold.

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