Product Code: 01

✓ When it is used via foliar application it triggers multiple reactions, it is a unique bio stimulant product. The benefits it has for the plant is countless.
✓ The most important feature during the blooming period, it creates healthy flowers, strong peduncle, intense amount of pollen, increase in pollination, it also has effects like awaking the plant during stress conditions quickly.
✓ In greenhouse production where bumble bees or in biological combat helpful insects are used, it makes their works easier and gives a synergist effect.
✓ With its content of amino acids, enzymes and plant nutrients it effects the fruits quality and brightness in a good way. It prevents deformation due to stress conditions that occur in fruits and increases the fruits appeal.
✓ It is in a gel formulation, it is 100% water soluble.
✓ It is important to use periodically from the vegetation to the harvest period.

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