ZENİCAL 3-6-11+(14 Cao)+ME -19825

Product Code: 05

✓ Problems that occur during production and application of phosphorus(P) and calcium(Ca), this product is a ingenious combination, it is in a gel form and 100% water soluble.
✓ Apart for the nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and calcium (Ca) it contains it also includes patented activators. Inside the complex there is Boron and with this the micro elements movement and transmission to the beams are helped.
✓ When used with drip irrigation systems, it can be a special filling for the plant. Within the plant, lignin (wood pulp) by providing a synthesis of the plants make ready against stress conditions.
✓ Especially when the temperature low during the winter months, when there is sunshine periodic usage is very important even if it is in small amounts.
✓ It directly effects fruit growth and with its calcium content prevents rotting.
✓ With foliar application it extends the fruits shelf life. It also extends the fruits waiting period in the storage. When the fruit goes into the market it will be bright and shiny
✓ With its perfect combination it is an unique product.
✓ The establishment stage of the product is special and original to our company.

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