Product Code: YHYWB

Heat generation capacity: 737 kW - 11671 kW
Fuel Type: Biomass, Coal, Pellet, (Natural Gas, LPG, Diesel, Fuel Oil - Optional)


YHYBWB model boilers are designed and manufactured according to the system that provides adequate heat transfer surface, and grate surface for solid fuel applications by connection of the water tube combustion chamber of the hybrid type boilers to a 2 pass fire tube shell boiler.

The water tube type combustion chamber is engineered according to the volumetric load for the solid fuels. Sufficient furnace volume and grate surface area is achived in order to get maximum combustion efficiency. Fire tube boiler section is working as heat transfer area. This high volume water chamber allows the boiler to respond peak loads. The flame return chamber 's sides are water cooled. This brings higher life time, less refractory maintenance and increased efficiency. By the help of fire tube boiler’s design, gas speed is increased and a cleaner tube surface is obtained.

The increased heating surface of the system by the front combustion chamber allows the indicated capacity to be relative with the indicated heating surface value. Approximately 10000 kcal/h heat is obtained from 1 m2 heating area of YHYBWB boilers.

YHYBWB model boilers can be used with high efficiency at operating pressures up to 18 bar. Boiler is supplied as packaged with all necessary accessories, control devices and auxiliary equipment upon customer’s request.

YHYBWB model boilers are suitable to be used with gas / oil burners and with a wide range of solid fuel types such as; wood, coal, olive seeds, pellets, nut shells, seeds of various plants, dried manure, dried pomace and other types of biomass. By implementing an automatic stoker feeding system or an automatic water cooled vibrating grate to the boiler, small sized solid fuel types are easily used for firing.

Isolation of the boiler is specially made to minimize the thermal loss. On the surface; special covering plates are used to protect the outer shell from weather conditions and tearing at maximum level.

YHYBWB boiler body consists of a cylindrical, 2 pass, fire tube, wet back main body with plain or corrugated furnace at proper thickness, according to the boiler’s operating pressure and a half cylindrical, water tube front combustion chamber. EN12952 and EN12953 is taken as reference for design calculations where applicable.

Steel Materials:
P265GH – P295GH -P355GH according to EN12952 and EN12953 requirements and S235J – S355J carbon steel for non-pressurized parts
Seamless tubes (EN10216, ASTM A106 Gr.B or St35.8 & Gost10)
100 mm thick and 80 kg/m3 rock wool is covered with PVC coated
galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel according to Customer’s request

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