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Pastry Production Line

Pastry Bun Production Line

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS This machine; the best in it’s the field and class in Turkey The settings are made easily from the PLC-controlled touch screen. Mechanical settings are simple to use and easy to learn. Information on usage can be stored in memory and used continuously. Daily cleaning is easy. It is easy to disassemble, install and replace belts and running parts. The speeds of all belts can be adjusted to the desired level. It is not affected by high ambient temperature changes. Electrical and electronic faults that may occur are displayed on the PLC screen with pic and text. In case of malfunction, remote access can be performed with PLC program (Optional) CUTTING SECTION Machine body is 304 crom. The contact surfaces of the dough are 304 crom and crom coating. Dough cut is between 40 and 150 gr. Average roll bread dough cutting and rounding capacity is 11.000 in 1 hour. A maximum of 11,000 pieces of hamburgers and pastry dough per hour, the average of 7,000 pieces of bagel and sandwich dough. Since very little flour is used in the dough section, it provides a clean working environment. The amount of flour given to the cut dough can be adjusted. The lubrication system is automatically adjusted during the dough cutting process. Unlike other machines, it does not wear pulp due to non-pressurized cutting. INTERMEDIATE PROOFING SECTION Intermediate resting is done on cutten dough to prevent deterioration, tearing, cracking and similar quality situations after baking.The pre-stress of the pulsed dough that is cut and rounded according to the weight is removed by resting. 6 doughs coming from the cutting machine are reduced to 3 and taken to the bowls in the Intermediate Proofing Section. There are 140 dough carrying basket bowls in the Proofing Section.Each bowl has 3 baskets.120 of the bowls are full and 20 of them are return baskets,There are dough in 360 baskets. There are 6 dough carrying baskets in each bowl.The baskets are made of food grade, cleanable material (polymer). Maximum resting time is 2.5 minutes. In cases where resting is not considered, the doughs coming from the cutting section pass directly under the Resting Section using the existing direct transition bands. CURD CHEESE FILLING BELT SPECIFICATIONS, This belt is made of blue polyurethane material and has an easy to clean.On this belt, there is a crushing roller, a trace-marking roller and a sorting unit.The crushing roller ensures to spread the Pastry dough in the desired size. The outer surface is covered with felt to ensure that the dough does not stick there.After the ingredients are placed on the pastry dough such as potatoes, cheese and so on, the roll making roller makes a mark that will facilitate the folding of the pastry dough. Sorting apparatus ensures that the crushed pastry dough are lined up properly before coming to the filling machine. FILLING SECTION In this section; the process of filling cheese, potatoes, minced meat, olive paste and similar materials is carried out in the middle of pastry dough. This section made of 304 stainless material. There is one piston for each row. These pistons can be disabled individually if desired. This system consists of 6 pistons and motion is given by 2 pneumatic cylinders. Weight adjustment is made with a magnetic sensor on pneumatic cylinders. PROCESSING BELT This belt consists of two belts in a row.The bottom belt can be manufactured between 2 and 6 meters, depens on the need.The lower belt is an empty belt with worktops on it.The handicrafts of bagel and pastry doughs which coming from previous parts are made on these trays.Products that take their final shape are put on the upper conveyor belt.The upper conveyor belt is often used in bagel production.The bagels that are connected are put on this belt and moved to the syrup grouting section.Both belts are manufactured in white pvc and they can clean very easily , doing wet cleaning can posisble too.All the chassis of the belt is made of stainless material. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SupplyVoltage 380 Volt Capacıty 10,000Pcs/H Max.Current 3X32Amper Machine Width 130 cm Frequency 50 Herz MachıneLength 11,5 cm Max.Power 13 Kw MachineHeight 190 cm AveragePower 8 Kw MachineWeight 2800 kg