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Duowin Plus Motorized Aluminium Vertical Sliding Window Systems

Duowin Plus Motorized Aluminium Vertical Sash Window Systems, which is made of ift Rosenheim tested Duowin Aluminium Vertical Sash Window profiles, bring out new possiblities to places where it is installed. Openable Upper Sashes Motorized sashes at Duowin Plus could be controlled both by control panel and remote control. The lower sash which is fixed could be used as guard rail. Sensors used in Duowin Plus contributes to safety precaustions. Motion Control Motorized sashes at Duowin Plus could be controlled both by control panel and remote control. Sensors used in Duowin Plus contributes to safety precaustions. Insulation When the sashes are closed completely, heat, air and noise insulation is provided by the thermally insulated aluminium profiles and double pane glasses but the panaromic view continues thanks to Duowin plus. Color Options Duowin Plus could be produced in any RAL color thanks to powder coating. Could be used with decorative or natural eloxal surfaces. Natural wood veneers could be applied as well as decorative wood patterns. Safe Use With Photocell Sensor Safety of sash movent is maintained by photocell since the movement of sashes stops when the signal is interrupted. Thermal Break Duowin could be used under different climate conditions thanks to thermally insulated profiles and double pane glasses. Thermally insulated profiles - have high wind resistance force, - do not sweat, - are appropriate to fire codes. Motor Remote Control Properties The motor in Duowin Plus could be used with remote control as well as it could be programmed to serve automatic or project based slutions. Glazing and Surface Options Suitable to use with several glaze thicknesses. Suitable to use with secured SentryGlass option or frosted glass at parapet area as well as any other material suitable to project. Wide openings Keeps your view secure at wide openings. With a variety of dimension options at Duowin Plus, cosy solutions are provided for wide openings with 2 years of guarantee. Areas of Usage Duowin Plus Motorised Aluminium Vertical Sash Window Systems could be used in places such as verandas, patios, cafes, restaurants for ventilation, wind protection or insulation as well as it could be used as seperators in places like shop windows.