Skewers Kebap Oven -27394

Product Code: SKF NG 60

10000.0000 USD


• 30 PCs capable of digital cooking at the same time inflating stone oven.
• Furnace is designed for cooking Shish kebab.
• Work with gas oven system.
• Gas burner with grill placed on top of the lava stones. Flame by the lava stone mad is provided my Cook the meat..
• Knitting needles rotary (Rotary) system.
• Unlike the classic barbecue meat do not occur any burning and drying.
• Each product can be done without programming based on digital screen.
• meat cooked and soft enough for close to each other.
• The meat is not exposed directly to the gas and flame. Therefore ıt,s a hygienic flame coocked.
• Digital Screen Management System
• Auto Ignition and combustion system
• FIRINMAK Specially Designed Burners
• Pilot and Lighter System
• Rock Wool Insulation
• High Weight-Bearing Swivel Polyamide Wheels
• At External covering Paint, chrome, stone and glass mosaics Options

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