Reema Plate (Slimming and Fitness Device)-23388

Product Code: RM-T68

550.0000 USD

Single Motor 2-D Vibration Plate

- It's hard to find time to do the exercise we need to become members of the gym or spend expensive fees in today's busy life. This Vibration Plate, built into the powerful vibrating motor, allows high frequency vibration to create a flexible reflex in the body and create the effects of exercise without the need for conventional exercises. This Vibration Machine Fitness Vibration Plates is an effective exercise, whole body fitness massage and so on while watching TV, reading books at home or working in the office. Makes it easier to burn extra calories while doing and makes it economical.

What are the benefits of exercising with the Whole Body Vibrating Vibration Platform?

Burn calories, cellulite reduction

Build muscle strength

Improve body health

To promote blood circulation and metabolism

Economical, money-saving from the gym


· Single Motor and up and down + mixed

· Powerful and Effective. Use only 10 to 15 minutes a day, let you exercise and massage your entire body, create a good body shape and improve your health

· Multiple Training Mode. Speed ​​levels ranging from 1-99, offering a variety of exercise modes to meet your different needs, allow you to try out different vibration exercises or practice vibration exercise as normal exercise, sitting, push-ups, yoga, and so on.

· High Stability. 6 Equipped with slip foot and rubber protective surface to prevent slipping during exercise.

· Heavy Duty Frame and high security. Constructed with upgraded 100% new ABS material, purity rubber and solid construction, this makes the vibration plate odorless and non-toxic, healthier and more environment-friendly than other cheap machines using recycled plastic.

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