PAM TYPHOON Roasting Machine-41160

Product Code: PM1000

PM 1000 ROASTING MACHINE, which has become the favorite of large enterprises with its ability to meet the need for high capacity production, can be used as a fully automatic, semi-automatic, or only roasting oven. There are 4 roasting rooms, 2 resting/humidity rooms, and 1 cooling room. This machine, which has a roasting capacity of at least 1,000 kg per hour, can reach a capacity of up to 1,750 kg per hour depending on the product to be roasted.
The belt of our machine and the roasting temperature in the roasting rooms can be adjusted with a PLC panel as in our other belted machines. As in our other belted and high-capacity roasting machines, this machine also has a brush and washing belt. Fuel options include Gas, LPG, Diesel Fuel, Electricity, and Solid Fuel. We produce all our products with ISO 9001, TSE, CE, CSA qualifications, and competence certificates.

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