Electrically Roasting Machine-263

Product Code: PM 10

Our Nuts Roasting Oven which was manufactored by our company they are single band and horizantal type ovens.
According to the desire capacity for all kinds of roasting nuts are manufactured using the latest technology. Our ovens working with the most appropriate system; Beside the roasting you can be use for drying many vegatebles, fruit and other wet products.
With air circulation system generated heat evenly distributed over on the products through exclusively produced fans, There is providing a homogeneous roasting.
Inside our ovens we are using Stainless Steel (AISI 304) wire mesh belt. So that the products changing roasting rooms is provided by this wire mesh belt.
In our oven heating Diesel , Fuel Oil , Naturel Gas , LPG or Solid Fuel can be used.
Inside the system Emerging Flue Gas, Evacuating to the out side without contact products. By the way according to Food Codex high quality products providing.
In our ovens have ; roasting room , waiting room and cooling room.
After productions quality , delicious product ready for packaging. The shelf life is extended.

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