Product Code: NS-36

NS-36 concrete block machine group as standard Includes; concrete block machine, pallet transfer systems, product transfer systems and automation system. Concrete block production line is divided into two groups as wet and dry products. While the wet product transfer cycle involves transferring the products leaving the machine to the curing process depending on the system cycle, the dry product transfer cycle includes preparing the products for packaging from the dry product stacking unit.
NS-36 concrete block machine is fully automatic and works with PLC system. Thanks to the automation system that manages and drives the entire facility, the same quality and quantity is obtained the same in every shift. The automation system software has a user-friendly interface and can be translated into the customer's preferred language. Production process through LCD touch screen control panel; The aggregate in the bunker can be controlled by a single operator from the weighing machine to the packaging unit at the exit of the machine. In addition, our automation systems are designed to meet the demands of our customers to expand their facilities in the future

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