Product Code: ML4-A

147.0000 USD

Width: 220 cm

Total Depth: 34 cm

Shelf Depth: 29,5 cm

Height: 180 cm

In general, the possible problems that may occur with products of the same size but sold much cheaper are as follows;

- Raw material quality = 1. or non-2nd class raw materials cause yellowing and swelling and may be carcinogenic.

- Cutting workmanship = Low cutting workmanship in disassembled products brings errors in the joints of the pieces.

-PVC tape quality = non-first class pvc tape and workmanship not only spoils the visuality, but also shortens the life of the parts.

-Accessory quality = If the hinges are of poor quality, sagging on the covers, if the handles are of poor quality, darkening and rusting will occur over time.

Since the measurements of YURUPA branded products are complementary to each other, they will be in full harmony with the other products you will buy.

It is produced from raw materials that do not contain carcinogenic substances in accordance with E1 standards.

It is produced from first quality 18mm thick chipboard / chipboard.

The iron parts in the product are manufactured using 1st quality 20 * 40 box profiles.

First class PVC tape is applied to all parts of the product.

All parts of the product are carefully processed in computer-aided high-tech CNC machines.

It is packed in 1st class 150gr dopel heavy cardboard boxes.

Detailed installation diagram, all kinds of apparatus and connection elements required for assembly and installation are available in the box.

All parts of the product are numbered with a special numbering method that facilitates installation.

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