Product Code: KRT-1000 ÖB

74000.0000 USD

*Totally 304 quality stainless
* With elevator (Optional, Optional)
* 200 Lt.Et Arabic (Optional, Optional)
* Double Milling - Pallet System - Forward / Back Mixing - Touch control panel
* 1st and 2nd cycle can be selected on the screen
* Right and left turn time can be set at desired intervals
* Intermittent waiting time can be entered
* Option to stop according to total duration or temperature
* Can be operated manually - Covers joystick control system - Package programmable system
* Motor Power: 16-24 Kw double speed motor (700-1400 rpm)
* Reducer Loop Ratio (20-40 RPM) - Safety Swing lids
* Automatic hydraulic opening-closing cover on the top
* Underwater automatic hydraulic opening-closing system
* Capacity: Minimum 600-800 Kg / 1 Voyage - With CE
It is an ideal machine to prepare sausage, meatball and döner dough in a homogenous shape.

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