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The Horse Riding Machine is a swinging machine that simulates horse riding movement and helps you to improve your balance and condition of your body.

It is very beneficial to the whole body, stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation and general condition. Reduces skin wrinkles and signs of aging.

Ideal for both elite athletes and children / elderly in rehabilitation and every person.
Increased mobility. A good circulation, heating and elongation reflex of the tendons also permits the release of elasticity reserves by alleviating muscle spasms.

This is an important and vital function for human health


1) Advanced 3-D virtual reality technology simulates horse riding experience
and helps improve physical strength and endurance
2) Brand new 8 curved motion with forward / backward tilting and horizontal motion,
strengthens abdominal, hip, thigh, chest and back muscles
3) Effectively strengthens the spine and provides a good upright posture,
improves strength and flexibility in muscles,
Train the nervous system to improve power function.
4) Smooth
Increases muscle strength and easily improves metabolic rate through "8-shape" seat movement.
5) Basic "8 shaped" motion,
It focuses on shaping the waist, hips, butt and hips along with the forward / backward tilt of the seat.

Help yourself briefly:

1) Spend 600 calories per hour / lose weight / bodybuilding
2) Concentrate on tightening the waist and hip muscles.
3) Perfect sport to soothe waist, leg and knee pain
4) Solve your inadequate exercise problem.

6) CE / ROHS / EN957 Certificated

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