Product Code: HIGRO® BOROL

During boron deficiency, symptoms can include dying growing tips. When boron deficiency is more severe, effects can produce dramatic symptoms which may be summarised as stunted or distorted growth, death of growing points. On the youngest leaves symptoms show a yellow to orange tints, red and purple colouration, distorted and thickened leaves. On stems symptoms can be cracked and unnaturally thick.
 Boron also has an effect on nucleic acid metabolism, carbohydrate transport, photosynthesis and protein metabolism of plants. Boron is a most important element for sugar transport and water movement in the plant cell. It controls the formation of sugars and starch within plants. It effects the balance and absorption of calcium in plants, it keeps the calcium in dissolved form as one of calcium synergists in plant cells.
 HIGRO® BOROL, is a corrector for boron deficiency, compounded with boron ethanolamine what has been highly absorbed by plants and presented as a highly concentrated liquid solution.
 Additionally It is specially formulated with glycerin this effective product by our research department, HIGRO® BOROL is generated and makes more efficient uptake capacity percentage for plants.
 HIGRO® BOROL positively effects during the following germination, pollination, meristem tissue, fruit set and growth process of plants. It also prevents cracking and decay on plants

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