Product Code: FR5-AA

86.7400 USD




Tv Unit Width: 1800 mm

Tv Unit Depth: 448 mm

Tv Unit Height: 446 mm

Material Used

Manufactured from 18mm chipboards / chipboards in 1st class European E1 quality standards. Backboards are made of 3mm MDF.
The accessories used are in European standards and are first quality. First class pressure system is used on the covers.
First class PVC tape is used in all parts of the product.

Connection System

The parts that make up the product are combined with the minifix connection system.
The product has the feature of being disassembled and installed many times.

Packaging System

In order for the products to be shipped without any damage, packaging is made using filling materials in international standards.
First class dopel cartons and honeycomb cartons are used in the packages.

Installation Installation

The product is sent as disassembled.
All parts are numbered with a numbering method that makes it very special and easy to install.
Detailed installation diagram, all kinds of apparatus and fasteners required for assembly and installation are available in the box.
It has the feature of being disassembled and installed many times.
Since the measurements of Yurupa branded products are complementary to each other, they will be in full harmony with the other products you will buy.

Cleaning Care

The cleaning of the product should be done with a slightly damp cloth without using chemicals.

After selling

During the transportation of the cargo, some parts of the product may rarely be damaged such as crushing and cracking, in such cases, the damaged parts are sent back to your address unconditionally free of charge. All you have to do is send the product code and the code of the damaged part to our customer service.

With its ergonomic dimensions and functional structure, Yurupa Future Series not only adapts to any environment but also appeals to your eye taste. The most important features that distinguish the Future series from its counterparts are that the connection systems allow to be disassembled and installed repeatedly, to adapt to any environment with 2 color options, and the products that make up the series to create combinations with each other. It offers you all the furniture a house needs, including dressers, multi-purpose cabinets, dressers, bedside tables, wardrobes, coat stands, dining tables, bedsteads, with different color options.

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