Single Inlet Water Dosing Device-26955

Product Code: DZM,EKO

Our Single Inlet Water Dosing Device;
The liter you want to use during the production is written on the screen, the set amount is ready for use thanks to the electronic control card, it is a very useful aid for standard and hygienic production.
This device, which is very easy to use and set up, is entered into the liter screen you want to transfer after the water inlet connection is made. After pressing the start button, our device starts the transfer process.
Our DZM-EKO Model automatically terminates the transfer when it reaches the liter entered on the screen.
Our device has a 2-Year Warranty.

Our Renewed Single Inlet Water Dosing Device is your 1st Number Assistant thanks to the Hold / Stop, Calibration Menu feature during transfer.

Our Single Inlet Water Dosing Device transfers your liquids up to 60 © with the lowest tolerance rates.

 With the Memory Electronic System, it saves the last written value to memory.
To make special calibration adjustment according to the fluidity of the liquid.

 Ability to adjust the opening and closing times of electronic valves. (OPTIONAL)
To be able to see the transfer instantly on the electronic panel.
Easy to use with its renewed appearance and electronic panel.
Hold / Stop Feature.
Ability to transfer 100 / ml and Multiples / 1 Liter and Multiples.
Shockproof hair case.

 Ability to continue the transfer from the last place during power cuts during the transfer

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