Diesel Gensets 3-3500KVA-12422

Product Code: Dizel Jeneratör Setleri 3-3500KVA

HIMOINSA manufactures diesel generator sets from 3 to 3500KVA. Open and enclosed versions providing prime and stand-by power. A range of mechanical and electronic accessories are available to ensure the best performance for every application. -HIMOINSA also offers a full range of medium voltage gensets (670-3500KVA), including power managers, synchronizers, power switchgear and protection devices. The company’s medium voltage equipment is designed with performance and reliability in mind. They can be equipped with medium voltage output or transformers to be compatible with the needs of the site.
-Himoinsa industrial range (4-800 kVA), In the low to mid-size power range offers a wide choice of prime movers and configurations. The industrial range is designed to be durable in every condition. It can be employed, yet not limited, in continuous power supply, peak shaving or standby for industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

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