Alkan Ticaret

It gained an important position in the domestic market by importing especially high quality equipment, food raw materials and food machinery specializing in cake and chocolate equipment.

With the accumulated experience, we also invest in the domestic production of products needed in the field of pastry and chocolate. We use all our experience to serve the purpose of always providing quality products to our customers.

It continues its business life, which started with the import of pastry equipment, today by offering professional equipment to hotels, patisseries, restaurants, catering, public enterprises, industrial production facilities and markets.

Since its establishment, our company, which has been the representative and distributor of leading and mostly European manufacturers, offers you the latest technology in the world with its project, sales, assembly, maintenance and after-sales service department and experienced staff in the manufacturing equipment, patisserie and service equipment sector.

Our company has become the solution partner of many international enterprises.

We continue the same service for many domestic and foreign organizations.

Our aim; Working shoulder to shoulder with our customers, developing solutions in cake, chocolate, confectionery and industrial kitchen production with innovative and creative equipment, helping our customers with their problems and adding a different perspective to their new ideas.

Within the framework of this understanding, our company is reinforcing its pioneering and leading position in the sector with many innovations day by day...