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Ekol International Hospitals

Founded by EKOL BAZ Health Group in 2007 and established in Izmir – Turkey, Ekol Hospital proudly continues to serve through their experienced health personnel and is equipped with the most modern medical technology, with all units, 9 operating rooms and 150 bed capacity.

Ekol Hospitals, having ISO 9001, FQC and ISO 27001 quality certifications, accredited by international independent bodies, provides services based on patient satisfaction and with experienced medical physicians and surgeons who have their expertise in branches particularly in Ear Nose Throat Surgery, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Eye, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Urology, Neurology, Brain Surgery, Cardiology, Chest Diseases and Psychiatry is proud to be the first and largest ENT Hospital in Europe.

Millestones of Ekol Hospitals
1. 2000 Establishment of Ekol Hospitals
2. 2005 Expansion of the bed capacity and core of branches to 150 number of bed capacity and becoming general hospital
3. 2010 Becoming international health care provider
4. 2017 fulfilling requirements of ISO 9001 and being certified
5. 2020 Incoporation of UK Contact Office by being registered there in the Company House
6. 2020 Establishment of Ekol Health and Rehabilitation Center

Ekol Health & Rehabilitation Center :
It is the hotel facility acquired by Ekol Hospitals just to serve its patients. This is the new type of fully integrated health care concept nobody can offer to its patients but Ekol Hospitals does. The hotel facilitiy ,having 50 rooms and 100 beds , has been transformed to the sort of hospital in which more than 20 medical professionals empolyed there to oversee our valued patients while they are staying at the hotel even after have been discharged healthly. In this facility , the only concern you might have will be choosing of how many different and which enjoyeable locations you would like to visit other than that everything regarding your health will be under the control of our medical professionals who has more than 10 years of experience and can speak fluently in English , German and French.
Services offered in Ekol Health & Rehabilitation Center :
• 7/24 Being Visited and examined the medical results by your doctor and nurses
• Onboarding of the use of your medications
• Frequently implementation of medical dressing
• Chance to attend informative meetings organized and enrolled by medical professionals