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Our story
Aren clinical was conceived in 2011 by an internationally-certified medical cadre dedicated to making a change in the medical sector generally, and health tourism particularly. In the 9 years since its launch, Aren Clinic has accomplished massive success to become a well-known name in the fields of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery across Turkey. Through our humble journey, we have deducted over 13000 procedures that have turned into success stories written by the hands of our accomplished doctors.

With the trust of our patients, our close-knit international network, and the expertise of our doctors; we aim to become a brand of excellence, trust and transparency; but most importantly a beam of hope.

Our mission
Our mission is to be entirely patient-oriented facility through providing the highest standards of quality and cutting-edge technologies on an international level. From ensuring the most effective and suitable treatment plans for our patients to maintaining their comfort in state-of-art facilities and hygienic environments.

Our vision
Our vision is to establish a brand of trust and revolutionize health tourism in Turkey by focusing on value and quality through a holistic approach.

Our Products