Turan Turan Health

At Turan Turan Health Group,we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality care relating to orthopedics conditions.
Our group,which is composed of four companies, (Musculoskeletal Health Center, Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center, Medical Equipment Supply Company and Prusa Medica Medical Tourism Company),has been serving many patients for over 23 years.
We believe in the power of technology and science that is why we were the first center that introduced the use of robot in orthopedic surgeries in Turkey, with our new generation knee replacement surgery system(Navio Robots) as well as our advanced spine technologies used in spine surgeries (O -Arm and neurological monitoring system) (Mazor X Spine robotic system). Thanks to this, in 2021, our clinic was accredited as an international reference teaching center by Smith & Nephew.
Added to that, we were able to establish strong collaborations with very well-known hospitals in Turkey, in all medical specialties, such as oncology, brain surgery, ophthalmology, cardiovascular surgery, etc. through our company Prusamedica, which is is a medical tourism agency licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health for medical tourism activities.