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Teknik Isısan Electrical Thermo Elements Ind. Trade
Company has started manufacturing in an effort
to manufacture thermo elements in 1989. In 2004,
our company has chosen becoming a corporation
as a very first step to institutionalization and
established Teknik Isısan Rez. Ind. Trade Co. Ltd.
In the last months of 2012, Our company has
started to operate in a plant of 4000 m2 closed
area, Demirtaş Organized Industrial zone
In 2006 the total customer oriented operation was
preferred and the certification in compliance with
the ISO 9001-2000 quality standards was carried
out and since then the operation continues
under strict rules depending on the continuous
The quality procurement of Teknik Isısan Rez.
Ind. Trade Co.Ltd is the basic element of the
production process as a whole ranging from
the supply-chain to the sales management and
thus the company generates value in every steps
taken. Our entire staff manufacture through the
awareness of minimizing the defects on the basis
of quality principles.
In 2008, the development of our company
accelerated by the efforts on building a dealer
network across Turkey. Within the same year,
new machinery equipments were purchased and
the machinery pool was enlarged.
In 2009 and 2010, our company launched the
infrastructure works of UPİ, our new product
group and brand and within this new process
through the machinery investments and rawmaterial
investments, the R&D of our new brand
UPİ which bears the same quality with imported
products was completed and the launching of
our new brand was started in the participated
exhibitions. The aim of UPİ which meets the
imported product demand of Turkey within the
industrial group is to protect the domestic capital
by preventing the importation.
The R&D department in our company, has
adopted the principal to find solutions by
examining and evaluating the customer issues
on-site and by jointly discussing, thus replaced
the dealer regency with customer kingdom.
Through the strength we take from you, our
valuable customers and through our quality
principle, the company possessed its current
situation within the heating sector.