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Silversun is the leading brand for children’s wear in Turkey and a label owned by HASIRCILAR TEKSTIL A.S incorporated company, which is one of the leading successful providers on the international clothing market. HASIRCILAR TEKSTIL A.S has over 50 years of history, the company, founded in 1967 is now led by second-generation of HASIRCILAR family. Today is a major international company that projects and represents Turkish fashion worldwide.
The brand Silversun is to day an integrated producer of fashion that’s provides its customer ''the point of sale coordinated'', ready-to-wear clothing for presentation to the final consumer. Silversun as the producer of quality clothing has inspired customers with; excellent design and good quality more than 20 years. Above 250 employees are currently working at Silversun. Our staff share one common goal: to create excellent fashion with an unbeatable design/quality/price ratio for children, always following responsible methods of production.
Silversun designs produces markets and distributes children’s fashion in over 40 countries throughout a sales network of distributers, sales agents, wholesalers, Silversun stores, SIS and more than 1000 independent clients.
Silversun's strategy is to promote its designs and brand with personality and providing our customers well-balanced product, that is fashionable, with reasonable price and of the highest quality.
At present, Silversun has reached four different continents. Now, many people from different countries are part of our Silversun family, engaged in designing, manufacturing, and distribution of children´s apparel in more than 40 countries and 3000 points of sales. Silversun currently developed its B2B e-commerce for quick response to demand of its business partners.