We are happy to share our knowledge and experince with our valuable customers. Our human and environment focused products offer practical, hygienic and modern esthetic solutions suitable for every environment. The upper surface of our disposable products is cellulose and botoom surface is polyethylene. Thanks to its laminated lower surface, it does not permeate fluid to bottom layer. Our hygienic, economical and soft texture products are degradable / dissolve without giving harm to the nature. Manufacturing is performed with the principle of leaving a clean environment to next generations based on human health for our final consumers with our wide product range such as disposable table cover, linen, stretcher cover, patient scrubs, baby feeding bibs. Our Disposable printed or non-printed products ideal for using it at any environment - homes, offices, workplace, invitation activities, hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices many places. Our disposable products are manufactured by technological machines and expert personnel in production plants.

Pratikser exports disposable covers to many countries around the world, especially to European, African and Middle Eastern countries. Manufacturing, production planning and R&D studies are performed with an expert team. Constant principles of our firm are; quality product, quality service, honesty in service, competitive price, fast and on-time delivery.