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OFISTIM Furniture Design - School, Office, Hospital

Setting out with the motto "Let's Dream Together", Ofistim Furniture operates in the fields of project, decoration, office furniture and school furniture.
We embarked on my office journey in 2005 …
The foundations of Ofistim Furniture were laid in Ankara in 2005 with Seyfullah Kara and Tuncay Kaya. A self-sacrificing work was carried out to achieve dreams and goals.
Not only does it operate in our country, it also achieves success with its expert sales and architect staff around the world. The difference of Ofistim Furniture Design continues to be an inspiration to the whole world with its own line in the sector that has become a big market and is globalizing day by day. Thus, it sets an example for our country with innovative steps worldwide.

Let’s make your dream come true …
Ofistim Furniture appeals to a wide audience, including government agencies. Among our works; Our wide range of designs such as decoration, hotel furniture, office furniture, hospital furniture and school furniture.

Ofistim Furniture, which produces working cabinets, meeting tables, cabinets, balconies, panels, hotel groups, coffee tables, beds, VIP office chairs, sofas, computer tables, education products, metal products, compact archive systems,
It carries out the sale of a large number of high quality and aesthetic products sector in Turkey. Although it holds a guarantee certificate for each product, it never compromises on quality. Our products with quality certificate
with our R&D center in order to take the world-class tests to the next level.
we are passing.

Customer satisfaction is in the foreground …

Our company, which attaches importance to aesthetics while designing products, meets customer demands quickly and rapidly without sacrificing quality. Uncompromising on quality, Ofistim always aims to be the best at every stage from production to marketing. Taking its strength from its customers, Ofistim offers a wide range of products that will appeal to every taste in the marketing process. This power and faith with each passing day Turkey, and continues to advance with giant strides in the world of industry.
Ofistim Furniture offers unique design and service quality with unusual modern lines. It meets these services in the national and international competitive environment, in line with customer demands. Ofistim Furniture, which reveals the dance of modern lines with classical touches, deserves to be the first preferred brand as the pioneer of elegance. With Ofistim, it is possible to reach every design you have dreamed of with our company, whose biggest reference is the projects it has signed before.