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Our company was established in 2004 with the purpose of manufacturing machines for food sector with the catchphrase of “Technology that does not spoil your enjoyment”. We have spent all our energy to research and development and innovation in the past and today the products that we manufacture under 30 different models have become a brand of your choice in many countries.

While our company continues its investments with the power of your encouragements without any slowdown in parallel with the development targets of our country, we also try to increase the qualifications of our employees since we believe that human relations is the main basis of development and we continuously provide them training and we always try to get all necessary quality control certifications. Our company also makes no name productions for many domestic and foreign companies by establishing collaborations with them as well as manufacturing machinery under its own brand. A new factory has been built in an area of 20.000 m2 in Sakarya this year and we are planning to conduct our manufacturing operations in these facilities and we are also planning to export our products to 50 countries in medium term.