With our technical team specialized in feeding and managing information, we visit the operation of our valued customers and review all vital activities necessary for animals.
To do this we use; blood analysis, fecal analysis, feed analysis (rough / concentrated), nutrient analysis, aflatoxin analysis (anti-quantitative factors), business case analysis. Based on this data, we provide a general profile of the company. We make suggestions based on the current yield reports and the problem sequence priorities of the enterprise.We offer our high technology products (powder form, pellet form, liquid form premix) by formulating special nutritional requirements for the company.

Our Quality Policy;
-To increase the profitability of the enterprises that we serve by producing new technical and individual solutions on animal feeding.
-To prepare honest, tolerant, respectable and devoted work environment with a team spirit that is open to innovation and development.
-To increase our quality with production and product variety.
-To ensure safe product production as well as good quality in our products and processes (with microbiotic, chemical, physical and external analysis).
-To carry our quality and brand to the top in terms of reliability in world livestock.
Our Vision;
-To be an example and leader organization aiming maximum customer satisfaction in world animal husbandry.

Our Mission;
-To produce quality products by continuously improving our product and service quality.
-To meet the demands and expectations of our customers in animal nutrition at the highest level.
-To develop and renew ourselves further by following the evolving and changing scientific and technological innovations
-To create an emotional connection with our consumers with a strong communication and to ensure customer loyalty
-To serve domestic and international animal husbandry