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KosseStone is a leading manufacturer of decorative wall, rock, panels and it has ever-growing manufacturing technology and capacity since it was established in İzmir. KosseStone provides a product in accordance with the request of interior architects, decorators and designers. The products are feelt natural stone, brick, concrete and wooden when touching and they are indistinguishable as appearance from natural stone, brick, concrete and wooden.

KosseStone Panels, uses knowledge and success at research and development activities ongoing for years in Turkey and composite sector. The source of its power, own R&D engineering and architectural staff. A home that reflects your personality, an authentic restaurant, a fireplace warms your insides, a futuristic office, a bohemian pub, a building with ethnic lines, a garden wall like castle, a photo studio with minimal design, a antiquity bathroom, an apartment entry that says ’’Wellcome’’, a hotel lobby which features differences, a design that relaxing at spa and healty center, television units and theaters can be converted to a visual feast with great options, a ceiling that give a spacious feeling. All of these are possible with KosseStone decorative wall panels. KosseStone provides to creation of opportunity different designs with rich colours as well as variety of models.

The average weight 5-8 kg (per square meter), depending on indented and disordered structure of the pattern, depth of the panels are 3-60 mm on the wall and panel thickness is 3-4mm.
impact resistant with feature of shock absorbing
Moisture-proof and water-impermeability
It can be applied interior and exterior
Inorganic pigments and pure acyrilic topcoats are used for coloring the panels. Therefore, temperature and solar strength is high.