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By proceeding confidently towards development in 1969 and started production in the machinery sector.

1989 Year of the Metal Trades has added to its structure and its manufacturing Steel Door Interior doors.

KARMAK-MACHINE Industries to expand its market share and to obtain a respectable place in the world

Karem of Foreign Trade established the production company and began to Issue 40%.

closely following the technological needs of the modern era has successfully completed the process of institutionalization.

The constantly renew itself and develop without compromising on quality, it continued on its way with confident steps as an organization whose principle is to use the most advanced technology with experienced staff of international quality standards.

Today continues its production activities in the area covered a total of 30,000 m2 including 15,000 m2.

In the sector, our relationships with our customers, "ISO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" is to guarantee customer satisfaction in maintaining standards.

Design and quality, being the pioneer in the industry, to the honor of giving direction to the sector and living snow thrill Steel Door, also continued their relationship with customers at the highest level.

SNOW STEEL doors to quality, TSE Manufacturing Services With Qualification Certificates has registered the Product Warranty.

Our target; domestic ensure our reputation for providing abroad our exports increasing with each passing day, as the continuous enforcement of emerging technologies, generating responses with the right solutions to the changing expectations, with a scientific perspective, constantly renewing itself, it is to become a thriving enterprise.

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