Momentum Kimya Ve Yapı Malzemeleri Ith.Ihr.San.Tic.Ltd.

Momentum chemistry and building materialsşti
Momentum Ecological Building Materials has emerged as a product of 7 years of R & D and team work, so as to protect our expert staff and to serve our customers.

Momentum Chemistry and Ecological Building Materials;
With Momentum products, you can save 40-50% energy by making proper insulation in your buildings,
To contribute to the country's economy by eliminating unnecessary cargoes and reducing construction costs by using Momentum light plaster, lightweight concrete and light precast products in our country and countries with earthquake risk,
With Momentum products made of inorganic raw materials, leaving a livable world for future generations without damaging the environment,
Our company, which set out with the aim;
Designed for specialist personnel and fully lightweight construction materials in the insulation and insulation sector with ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), TSE (Turkish Standards Compliance Certificate) and CE (European Conformity Certificate) based dosing technology and in line with the standards and quality production.

Our Production Facility

Momentum aims to increase its production to 30,000 tons / year for the year 2018 by continuing its activities by producing 20.000 tons / year in its facilities established on 2000 m2 closed + 2500 m2 open area.

Our current production; we accept our customers who have adopted quality service concept and do not compromise on quality in trade.