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Emsey Hospital was taken into service on May 29, 2012 and
healthcare services are rendered round the clock by specialized
physicians using advanced medical technology in fully￾equipped diagnostic and therapeutic units and patient rooms
that are designed in line with patient safety-oriented modern
architecture and meet all needs of our clients.
Emsey Hospital has a capacity of 254 beds, 9 operating
theaters, delivery room and water birth rooms in 33.000 m2
closed area as well as a heliport and 10.500 m2 of park lot. The
hospital has infrastructures of Smart Building System, Special
Air Conditioning System and Co-generation System.
Emsey Hospital is a reference center in fields of integrative
treatment of cancer (Oncologic Surgery, Chemotherapy, and
Radiation Oncology), Stem Cell Transplant, Cardiovascular
Surgery, IVF, Gynecology, Obesity Surgery, Spinal Surgery and
Nuclear Medicine treatments.
Offering healthcare service that meets requirements of
international standards, Emsey Hospital is preferred by
patients from many countries.
Emsey Hospital is at your service for your health…

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