GOLD BAN-YOM, which your bathroom transforms into a completely different area with elegancy and ergonomics, design comfortable and spacious living quarters for you without sacrificing quality by interpreting traditional lines with an innovative understanding. Your bathroom, which will make you forget the stress of the tiring business life at home, finds the value it deserve in GOLD BAN-YOM; it takes the quality a step forward. Models, prepared by industrial designers meticulously in its new factory with 5000 m2 closed area at Akyurt, are manufactured using the latest technology by experts in its subject technical teams with high material qualities and color alternatives. Keeping the customer satisfaction above everything, GOLD BAN-YOM adopts the main principle of zero error approach with the management of "quality circles" that enables quality control specialists to test every stage of production. With 35-year experience, GOLD BAN-YOM, that has a widespread dealer and service network throughout the country, continues to provide services abroad by having made significant progress in its exports with the breakthroughs it has made in recent years. GOLD BAN-YOM, which is exported to approximately 28 countries, aims to increase the number of exported countries day after day. It always works to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with after-sales support.

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