Our company has been started his activity in Düzce city (2 hours far from Istanbul and Ankara) by selling furniture in 1989.After this date the company has been started to production table, chair and kitchen corner to fill the blanks in furniture sector.Because actually believe they exist blanks in domestic and in external markets of especially furniture production sectors.
EVİSSA has been increased the production capacity with the new technological development such as CNC machines and increased the quality with the Professional employment by presenting his self designed products to domestic and external markets EVISSA always widen his product fan by pursuing the developments and renewals and also will realize designs of future purchasers.
Evissa has been continue his development by modüler furniture with new investment.7500 sqm in open area and 30.000sqm. closed area.They expand their products fan with home furniture, young rooms, dinner sets, bedroom sets, gardropes, TV, LCD Wall units…And the company made Know-how for disassembled demonte production sets for the easy transportation. The company has been increased the market share in domestic and external market with expand the product fan.
EVİSSA is now an integrated company with modern production facilities.