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Yeşilmarka Wellness Products Trade Co. Ltd. is producer of natural, organic and wellness products. We are a producer since 2016. Yeşilmarka Wellness Product is a member of Emsay Group. Our Emsay Group company has been operating since 2011. Yeşilmarka's Factory is located in Tekirdağ in Turkey. We are "the real" natural, organic ve wellness producer in world.
Yeşilmarka is ours, yours, your family and environment's brands. We are high quality "real" halal, organic, natural cosmetic and wellnes product. We are produce natural deodorant, natural lipbalm, natural face cream, natural hand and body cream, natural shampoo, natural shower gel, natural hair conditioner, natural whey protein powder and nutritional products and more.

We use biodegradable raw material and we use recycled packaging material in our products. You can use you and your family safety with Yeşilmarka halal, natural and organic products.
How did Yeşilmarka Welness born?

According to marketing source; there are a lot of naturally launched product in world. But we need the "real" organic, natural and halal products that why we look a lot of ingredients of brands.

We saw that there is a lot of chemical and danger raw material in products. And they launch that we are natural but this is big lie. This is very big problem for people. They dont think enviroment and people health.

For example; One brand wrote "contains organic aloe vera" and another of this raw material is fully chemical in product. Another example has "%100 natural olive oil contain" and this product has SLS, SLES, paraben, parfume exc. with natural olive oil. So this is not "real" natural product.

Lets look the halal launch brands who has just one product halal certificate and another products has dangerous raw materials or they bought the halal certificate from bad certification company.

At this point we deside to start to Yeşilmarka Wellness Products Trade Co. Ltd. and Yeşilmarka was born. We decide to produce "real" natural, "real" organic, "real" halal products. We invested to factory according to this idea and target. We show the all ingredient of our products detaily. We dont write wrong term on labels. We wrote just "reals". We are very close to you. You can ask every question easily contact way.

We are inspired from nature and nature is green. So we make our brand's name is "green". "Green" is "Yeşil" in Turkish. We are producer in Turkey. So we make our brand's name is "Green" = "Yeşil". "Brand" is "Marka" in Turkish. We want to be best brand of natural cosmetic and wellness products. So we collected "Green (Yeşil)" and "Brand(Marka)" in Turkish. Yeşilmarka was born with this idea. We are %100 Domestic Producer in Turkey. We love all people in World. We are very friendly for our partner.

We use natural extracts, natural herbal oils, natural minerals, natural oils, natural raw materials ve natural ingredients! We use Ecocert, Cosmos, Ecolabel certificated ingredients and organik materials! We choose ingredients very carefully and carely for our natural products. We made products with high engineering process and researchs. There are Health, Naturalness and Real Complacence!

We do NOT use dangerous raw materials, hormonal effect ingredients, artifical sweeteners, petrochemical materials and irreversible raw materials. There are NOT parabens, SLS, SLES, TEA, DEA, formaldehyde, vaseline, coloring, parfume and harmful preservative! We do NOT use animal materials, not halal ingredients and unhealthy material!
We have Gimdes halal certificate that why we took a lot of control for certification. So we are the first company of halal, organic and natural products in Turkey. We put together of halal, organic, natural and vegan products.
You can be comfortable with Yeşilmarka Wellness Products Trade Co. Ltd. If you are search and sell "real" wellness products.

Welcome our hospitality:)

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