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Ege Design Educational Equipment Company has been established in 2007 with manufacturing school desk table.
EGE DESIGN is constantly expanding its product range since it’s established and we do supply all necessaries of today’s educational institutions.

Increasing our perspective, we provide all kind of materials such as presentation materials, classroom equipment which also include laboratories equipments as well as supporting with 3D visual projects.
EGE DESIGN aims at reflecting quality, ergonomics and aesthetic materials at all stages of the projects and production in order to provide efficiency to educators.

Today, we know that responding of the customer demands and expectations is the key to compete with other companies in the market. As we realized that, Ege design is always keep up the technology and human resource to be ready for future generation.

In order to give excellent service to our customers; we believed that being honest is important factor for our customers. Also we are improving our reliable service in day to day.

We achieved to serve our products almost every city of Turkey and considering the globalization world; we have reached already the export capacity in terms of manufacturing.

We are currently doing researches for better understanding target foreign market which includes packaging, labeling, translation facilities, customer relationships and shipping in order to develop marketing strategies.

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