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our adventure started in 1980 with the sale of ready-made furniture in a small store in Şanlıurfa; It continued in 1984 by painting raw furniture products in our first production facility. Continuing the growth trend in the sector and successfully progressing to the production, export and employment targets, Edessa Furniture has laid the foundations of today by establishing its kitchen furniture production facility at Şanlıurfa Industrial Estate in 1993 with its experience in the sector.
Correctly identifying the industry's needs and expectations with production facilities in Bursa industrial zone in Edessa in 1994 by the Bush Furniture, in Bursa, the first; laminated cover, laminate countertops,kitchen and office furniture has become a leading brand in the field of production.
Edessa Furniture, which has a dynamic structure with its innovative understanding and designs that will add difference to the lives of consumers, has managed to become one of the leading brands in Turkey in the field of membrane covers in 2001 thanks to its changing and developing production. Having strengthened its service network with the production of interior rooms and fire doors in 2007 in accordance with the needs of the sector and with developing technology, Edessa Furniture has managed to gain a strong place in the sector with its original, innovative and high-quality doors.
Edessa Furniture, which increased its production volume and product diversity with its acrylic cover printing facility in 2010 by combining quality with technology and modern lines, diversified its production by establishing a UV paint line in 2012 and became a brand that meets almost all the needs of the furniture sector.
Today, Edessa Furniture, which has made its name in the world with its exports, has managed to become one of the leading companies in the sector with its production capacity and number of jobs.Edessa Furniture, which has accelerated its production processes by gathering the entire furniture production facility under one roof, continues to produce in a closed area of 14,000 square meters at Mudanya Bademli plants.
The company, which continues to wave the Edessa Furniture flag in many countries abroad, has managed to sundays a large share in its field in the Turkish domestic market. Edessa Furniture has been serving with EDSDOOR, mebran OMESSA on the door of the inner room, EDESSA KITCHEN on the kitchen furniture, EDESSA BATHROOM on the bathroom furniture, OFFICE EDESSA on the office furniture brands in its success adventure of more than 40 years today.
The monthly production capacity of Edessa Furniture, which is increasing every day with new investments, is between 8,000 and 12,000 units per dec dec door with the EDSDOOR brand, while it produces between 10,000 and 15,000 square meters in membrane cover production with the OMESSA brand, which is the leader of the sector in its field.It produces 2,000-3,000 modules with the EDESSA KITCHEN brand, 2,000-3,000 units with the EDESSA BATHROOM brand, 500 office suites with the OFFICE EDESSA brand.
Edessa Furniture, which has become one of the most preferred brands in its field in the domestic sunday as well as abroad with its 42 years of experience in Turkey, exports to Germany, France, Russia, Belgium, Austria, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria and TRNC in Europe. In Asia, it exports Edessa branded products to Afghanistan, Iran, Kuwait, Dubai, Iraq and Azerbaijan, and in Africa, it exports Edessa branded products to Libya, Somalia and Morocco.