In 1979 AD, we established our family company (AYDIN NUTS) in the city of Siirt, and with the passage of time we chose the international city Istanbul as the center for management, and today Aydin Nuts with the continuous production of its laboratories spread all over Turkey and with its history full of successes became one of the most important companies in this field both internally and externally We work with 57 countries commercially efficiently in import and export and today we have a wide network of marketing, sales and distribution.
Aydin Nuts investment grows day after day in the global market by adopting the principles of not compromising on quality, selecting the experienced and qualified to be among its staff and the work volume that is increasing in it regularly. It has administrative centers in several provinces, in Gaziantep, Siirt, Mersin, Ankara and Izmir, With nearly 1,000 employees, 120,000 square meters of space confined to 10 factories, an annual production capacity of over 100,000 tons and a professional export team. We are proud to be the leading Turkish Nuts Exporter for the past eight years. And we continue to expand our business through investments in new factories and machines...
Having certified for necessary food production, quality and safety standards such as: Food Safety System Certificate (BRC), International Food Standards Certificate (IFS), Quality Management System (ISO 9001/2015), Standard for Food Safety Management (ISO 22000/2008), Basic Support for Collaborative Learning and Halal certification. Aydin Nuts is well-known for its standards of quality, reliability and has the highest degree of brand awareness in its field of business. We serve our partners with a wide range of products, high production capacity, PL manufacturing and fast shipping capabilities.
We specialize in producing five basic types of nuts :
- ALMOND : Raw, Roasted, Blanched, Sliced, Diced, Powder, Slivered, Split, Puree, Marzipan, Croquant & Dragee.
- WALNUT : Half, Quarter, Broken, Powder, Caramelized & Grape Sweets with Walnuts.
- PISTACHIO: Inshell, Roasted, Kernel, Peeled, Sliced, Diced, Powder, Slivered, Split, Puree & Croquant.
- HAZELNUT: Raw, Roasted, Blanched, Sliced, Diced, Powder, Puree, Croquant, Praline & Dragee.
- Cashew: Natural, Roasted.

With ablility to serve from 10 to 5000 gr with different packages like Doypack, Pillow, Quatro, Block Bottom Pack, Vacuum BBP, Thermo Formed Tray (Pet), In different designs, logos and brands upon demand.

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