Aya Pharma is a Turkish company that is specialized in bee products, mainly natural oils and medicinal plants. It seeks to place these natural materials in modern pharmaceutical preparations that are easy to deal and use by modern person. We have a syrups production line, which is characterized by a completely unique natural production that is free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives. It also offers herbs, standard plant extracts and bee products with a good taste and full benefits.
We have a candy production line that is distinguished by the distinctive Turkish workmanship with the benefits of bee products such as Royal jelly, Propolis, Pollen, as well as herbs, natural medicinal oils, standard plant extracts, and standardized pharmaceutical vitamins according to the constitutions of American and European medicines such as vitamin D, A, C and E.... and many other nutritional supplements duly licensed.
Moreover, we have a production line of cosmetics, shampoos and creams. They contain unique natural materials and bee products to preserve the beauty, freshness and youthfulness of the skin and hair, and give the best effect and protect them from getting ruined.
Recently, we have had an oily water and natural water production line, that has an important medical effect and its natural products are considered modern worldwide.
Furthermore, we have got GMP, Halal and ISO certifications; and we have the first license in Turkey to extract aqueous alcohol-free Propolis.
Our team is constantly striving to develop modern useful products from natural plant materials scientifically proven in the pharmacopoeias and return them to medical use as the world has neglected them on the pretext of using strong synthetic formulations.
Every day, our team moves a new step - even though a small one - towards establishing an integrated Pharmacy of botanical Drugs that takes care of all human needs.
Our motto: “Completeness of Health Fully Comes from Natural Products”