Maraş Ice Cream has a long history of 300 years on a world scale with its unique flavor. This history is also the history of the step-by-step transformation of a taste tradition called Karsambaç (Snow Molasses). This unique flavor is obtained by mixing the goat milk collected from the same region into the milk of animals fed with wild orchid flowers on the high plateaus on the slopes of Ahirdagi Mountain.

Besides having started ice cream adventure by producing ice cream machines and equipment, Asmay Dondurma has started ice cream production with the knowledge gained and has played an important role in the development of the most well known Kahramanmaraş's ice cream around global market. Our company, which follows modern technology with its stable investments, has set out to give the unique taste of Kahramanmaraş ice cream to Turkey and the world.

Asmay Ice Cream offers its customers a wide range of products from cherry to strawberry, peanut to almond, cacao to plain Maraş Ice Cream with its modern, advanced technology, large production volume and experienced staff.

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