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The foundations of Şapmersan Corporation were laid in a small office in 1993 as a commercial firm.
It focused on the production of kitchen and bathroom countertops and moved to its first 800 m2 workshop in New Industrial Site in 2002 and institutionalized.
In the following years, it has started to produce raw materials and equipment to serve the sector, and has constantly renewed itself to respond to the changing market demands over time. Products such as steel mould, akrikor granules and akrikor gelcoat, which bring a new breath to the traditional cultured marble production, have guided the sector as a result of the importance it gives to R&D studies.
In 2021, it has completely renewed its workshop, moved into its 4000m2 plant and brought a new understanding to its slightly dusted brand stance.
While it goes on its activities as the only company in Turkey that produces its own raw material in the field of cultured marble, it has put into use the 5-axis bridge cutting machine in accordance with requirements of the era and has become able to cut natural stone and quartz countertops.
Thanks to its new business collaborations, nation wide supplier infrastructure, revised workshop and proffesional staff, ŞAPMERSAN has now positioned itself as a complete solution partner in stone applications from design to delivery.