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Aksu Spraying Machines has been established in 1985 in Ankara. Our company locally manufactured the spraying machines it imported during the first years of its operation and has become a renowned brand when it started the products of its own invention while continuously increasing quality. We are an award winning company of the 16th International Growtech Agriculture Fair, 2016-2017. Our company gives services to Municipalities, Hotels, Agriculture and Animal Rearing sectors with the New Generation Spraying machines of its own invention.
Aksu Spraying Machines owes its current place to its customers who have preferred local production with Aksu products. Our company has set research and development, international grade quality and service understanding as its principle and it is the only company carrying out the first and only patented production in Turkey. We thank everyone giving support to local production.
Our company has completed its portfolio in terms of the latest technological developments and variety and has added agriculture and animal rearing to its successful service fields in addition to environment spraying. Our company is supported by academics from Ankara, Akdeniz, Ege and Çukurova Universities and has been a sponsor to many seminars, meetings and fairs for farmers for correct spraying at the correct time with the correct machine.
Our company serves all government institutions and companies with its very special patented products that no other ULV device has. The expert sales specialists of Aksu Spraying Machines serve every location in Turkey with a wide range of distributors and Agriculture Credit and Beetroot Cooperatives. Our devices are easy to maintain-repair and its spare parts are economical. Our company is the only company with the support of university academics and gives its products 2 year warranty against fabrication faults along with 15 year spare part and service warranty. The best references are our customers and they can be seen in our website. Our registered products have been certified by ISO-9001, CE, TSE quality sufficiency, production sufficiency, have received licenses from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs along with service sufficiency and warranty certificates from the Ministry of Industry and Capacity Report from TOBB that will increase the production to 1500 units per month.

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