AgroProde was established in Istanbul in early 2018 with the aim of providing service to Turkish domestic agriculture sector and abroad markets with its’ products and experienced technical and administrative staff with its knowledge and experiences.
In order to meet healthier, more reliable and ecological products to all end consumers in Turkey and worldwide, we as AgroProde set as a main target providing to our farmers with our more economical, more effective and completely organic products.

AgroProde, which was founded with the aim of producing agricultural fertilizers and soil improvers with TerraBora® brand, will be the biggest assistant of all farmers. Farmers will be able to meet the criteria for organic agricultural products certification with transforming their traditional agricultural farmland to organic agricultural farmland in a short time by using TerraBora® products. TerraBora® is a product that can be applied either dry spray or mixing with water to plant leaves. It can be also applied directly to the soil. TerraBora® used in the gardens, flowerpots, greenhouse, fields and landless agriculture, improves the physical and microbiological structure of the soil. In addition, TerraBora®, which contributes to the further development of plant stalks, plays an active role in making more efficient use of water, reducing fungal growth, increasing resistance of plants against pests, and plays an active role in ensuring greater absorption of plant nutrients by the plant increasing plant absorption of soil nutrients with macro and micro elements in its content. Through TerraBora® products, AgroProde aim to be one of the most influential companies in Turkish agricultural industry in a very short time by increasing the quality and the quantity of the harvest with providing high commercial value products to the farmers.

AgroProde head office is located in Istanbul and with its 16.000 m2 production and storage area the production facility is located in Industrial Zone in Aksaray city.
AgroProde which follows the agricultural developments and innovations from other countries, mainly Turkey aims to make a positive contribution to the agriculture sector with its environmentally conscious and awareness of social responsibility, with priority human health
Our Vision is to make TerraBora® a global brand in the direction of our experiences and principles. Our company has come up with the mission of providing organic farming with more economical products that have positive effects on human health, plant and soil biology.

Our Products