Agri Machinery team has been serving to hydroponic market for nearly 15 years. Main company activity is to design, project and application of agricultural plants.

Agritom is a brand name of Agri Machinery for its innovative hydroponic systems.

Agritom Fresh Fodder systems provide the ability of production of fresh green feed production without a need of large land areas;

Harvesting in every day of the year,
In every climate condition,
With less labour,
Economic operational costs,
Flexible design for all capacity.

Various seeds such as barley, wheat, vetch, oat, etc. can be sprouted in most nutritious way grace of its special featured environment.

Grown goods can be used for feeding animals that needs fresh grass like sheep, cattle, horses etc.

System works fully automatic through AGRITOM AUTOMATIC CONTROL PANEL. Heating, cooling, lightining, watering runs via AOS software.

Nowadays our customers operate Agritom Systems in 15 country that has different climates.

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