Flight Type Dishwasher-18723

Product Code: BYF 520L/R

All parts; which are in contact with the body of the machine and the water; are produced with AISI 304 quality 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel plate.
Automatic timer is provided as a standard feature; for energy-saving, it automatically cuts the power of washing, rinsing, drying and condensation sections.
There is a removable input rack for easy cleaning and quick installation.
Simple control group and understandable symbols ease the use of the machine.
Different modules of the machine are monitored by a digital thermometer.
There is a moisture output part with air, water and energy gain system.
Double rinsing system is an excellent way to reduce water and detergent consumption.
Continuous polymer conveyor can be adapted to the dishes to be washed in different types.
Adjustable speed conveyor provides excellent speed control.
All the main components are easily accessible as they are placed on the front part of the machine.
Self-drainage washing pump drains the water that is used and provides better and more hygienic cleaning.
“L” shaped wash tank ensures high water level on the pump suction. This feature means perfect use of the pump.
There is a large filter basket that can be easily removed.
Modular construction allows the machine installation to be made according to standard of the client.
There is a solenoid valve unified front rinse pump for automatic drainage at the end of washing.
There are different conveyor models appropriate for any required wash.
There is an adjustable secured non-slip, protected conveyor chain drive.
Optional units: Normal Drying Unit, Strong Drying Unit, Heat Recycling Unit, Tabldot Washing Conveyor

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