Chain Bucket Elevator-21193

Product Code: Bulk Material Storage and Handling Systems

Chain Bucket Elevators
Limestone, aggregates, clinker, slag, cement, gypsum, coal, ores, fly-ash, raw material etc. Designed for heavy duty type products.
Design Specifications:
Capacities up to 1000 t/h
Forged chains up to 2000 kN
Hardox450 CTS buckets
Go4B or Stif sensors
DODGE or SKF bearings
Motors & reducers (Siemens, Nord, Sew, Rossi)
Explosion panels
Aspiration flanges
Dust Proof
Conveying capacities exceeding 1000 t/h
Lifting heights to 90 m
Forged central chain with large link surface (5S6 - 5S20)
Segmented drive ring
Assembly casing for easy access
Two-piece manufacturing for ease of maintenance and intervention
Outstanding service life - in continuous operation
Low maintenance cost
Posibility to efficiency work with high temperature products
Explosion relief panel
Bucket widths ranging from 200 mm to 1200 mm

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