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Turkish Coffee prepared for the first time in the world by Turks which has become a deeprooted tradition by passing down from generation to generation, is an indispensable
part of high-quality standards and taste concept of Göksu Global.
Specially blended Arabica coffee beans collected from high altitudes of Brazil are
roasted to reveal characteristics of coffee and ground in stone mills.
Our world-renowned coffee with its unique brewing method, unmatched taste and
lots of foam reflects all characteristics of Turkish Coffee with its medium body, highdensity taste and aroma.
We reflect our knowledge and experience in coffee sector on our “Kurukahveci
Bayramefendi” brand. We produce 100 g and 250 g Turkish Coffee, 100 g aromatic
coffee varieties (Gum Mastic, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coconut, Hazelnut, Caramel,
Cardamom) and 200 g Historical Ottoman Coffee with 8 different tastes through our
Kurukahveci Bayramefendi brand

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