Product Code: 185017

- Elegant and durable products in attractive porcelain look with impressive utility for serving and displaying food.
- Lighter than porcelainware, ceramicware or glassware, thus easy to carry.
- Ultra break resistant and cost effective.
- Ultra resistant to cracks and chips at corners and edges.
- Hygienic, odour and taste natural.
- Certified for foodsafety between -20 °C and +70 °C ( -4 °F and +158 °F ) Manufactured in conformity with LFGB regulations.
- Dishwashersafe at both home and proffesional dishwashers at max +85 °C ( +153 °F ).
- Stackable.
- Pay attention to wash the product immediately after use or at least rinse with warm water.
- Use soft cloth or sponge for handwashing. Rinse troughly in clean water to remove washing agent residuals. Then, dry with care.
- Presoak the products in sodium perborate base stain remover prior to dishwashing for proffesional use.
- Use gentle washing agents at dishwashers for home use.
- Do not heat food on the product.
- Do not place in an oven, microwave oven or chafing dish.
- Do not place on grill or open fire.
- Avoid using sharp knives which will scratch the surface.
- Do not use any chlorine bleachers or chlorine based chemicals for washing.
- Do not use any abrasive washing agents, steel clothes and harsh, abrasive or rough sponges for hand washing.

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